Welcome to Our Teaching Materials Website!

This website aims to offer to clinical law teachers materials developed by me and Sue Bryant of CUNY Law School, individually and in collaboration.  Sue and I retired in 2017 and 2019 respectively, and we have closely collaborated since 1999.   We have taught clinics in domestic violence, representation of children, immigration, asylum, prisoner’s rights and disability advocacy over our careers.  We are perhaps best known for the Habits of Cross-Cultural Lawyering, a curriculum now taught in law school clinics around the country. As part of this curriculum, we have created tools for lawyers wishing to improve their competencies in cross-cultural work and talking about race in the classroom.

This website is still under construction.  In addition to materials on the Habits, this website will include other materials we have developed collaboratively and separately.  Collaboratively, and with Mark Weisberg of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, we have developed follow up materials to the Habits, involving examining Doubting and Believing in our legal thinking and law practice.  We have also written and presented extensively on talking about race in the law clinic and classroom.  Separately, Sue has written and presented on Collaboration, Working with Interpreters and Rounds.  Jean has also developed materials on Vicarious Traumatization, Vocation, and a miscellany of classroom teaching materials.

We welcome you to explore these materials and use whatever you find of use.  It is our dearest hope that this website will aid your teaching, your client work, your reflection and all your work in service of justice.